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Bender India Private Limited, wholly owned subsidiary of Bender Group, Germany, an ISO-9001 & 14001 company and world leader in providing complete and customized solution on Electrical Safety.

Bender India Private Limited provides a reliable and cost effective electrical safety solution of Bender, Germany for complete protection of people and equipment from hazards of electricity.

For modern, highly developed and competent industry a safe and reliable power supply is mandatory. Several national and international standards recommend various monitoring and protection systems for safe and reliable electrical power supply and distribution in various industries. The systems developed by the company provide total solution to meet the above mentioned requirements. The unique monitoring and protection systems provide electrical safety and prevent unwarranted power failures in the critical systems in the industry.

The company provides following solutions.

  • Electrical Safety for emobility
    • On-board EV Insulation Monitoring as per IEC60364-7-722 & ISO 6469-3
    • Off-board Insulation Monitoring in DC Chargers as per IEC 61851-23
    • Off-board leakage Monitoring & Charge Controllers in AC Chargers as per IEC 61851-1
  • Electrical safety for unearthed systems in Core Industries
    • Insulation monitoring devices
    • Insulation fault location systems
  • Electrical safety for earthed systems in Core Industries and IT & ITES
    • Residual / Leakage current monitors
    • Residual / Leakage current location systems
  • Electrical safety in Hospitals
    • Isolation panels as per IEC & Indian NEC
    • Surgeon Control & Remote Indicator panels
  • Measuring and monitoring relays - Parametric
  • Power Quality and Energy Management Devices

Bender India Private Limited provides services for development and customization of application software used in the products of the company to Indian customers, Services for installation, commissioning & technical services for promotion of various products and solutions provided by the parent German company.

E-mail: info@bender-in.com, Web: www.bender-in.com

Supporting Partner

The company is promoted by Rajeev Ranadive, a technocrat and automotive enthusiasts who has worked with international vehicle manufacturers as well as automotive engineering consultants at CEO level.

In 2015, The Government Of India firmed up the procedures to allow manufacture of “Electric Conversion Kits” for existing vehicles. Rajeev saw this as an opportunity to promote a start-up company focussed on this business.

Engineering of a retro-fitment kit has it’s own challenges. The technology / components available for manufacture of new electric cars are incompatible with an existing car and therefore cannot be used for creating a retro-fitment kit.

For example, the gear ratio of an existing car is suited for an IC engine whereas an electric motor requires a different gear ratio. The whole package needs to be developed such that a quick and simple conversion is feasible in the field in the remotest place.

A completely new approached was taken to develop the entire system, with a very differently configured motor and electronics which enables bolt-on conversion and plug and play electronics.

Gypsy operating in the wild life sanctuary was chosen as our first project because this is the most challenging application requiring extreme gradeability as well as good road speed.

Since these vehicles operate in an ecologically fragile environment an electric vehicle has greater impact.

We are happy to announce that our prototypes are being tested by the forest department and have been performing well in the actual forest conditions.

This has won us prestigious awards like Manufacturing Innovation Jury Finalist by Confederation Of Indian Industry and Social relevance award from Pune International Center, an NGO founded by Dr Raghunath Mashelkar.

Supporting Partner

ShemaTM E-Vehicle & Solar Pvt. Ltd. (SES) is currently producing electric 2 wheelers from their state of the art manufacturing facility situated at Dhankauda, Sambalpur. In forth coming years, SES is planning to manufacture electric 3 wheelers to meet the long term organizational objectives.

SES started its journey to Go Green by launching FLY, its first model, approved by ARAI under the 250w category (low speed bikes). New products with Lithium batteries are being launched to service the market needs in India.

SES is committed to the “zero defects” in its manufacturing process. The company is on development process for more infrastructure facility.

SES aims at being one of the top 3 manufacturers of Electric 2-wheelers and 3-Wheelers in India by 2030. The focus is to create a greener tomorrow, by manufacturing pollution free, battery operated vehicles, with a plan to market in India and beyond.

Supporting Partner

ValetEZ is a smart parking and mobility solutions firm that is focused on digiting and organizing parking infrastructure. The firm’s mobile, cloud and IoT based technology platform ‘ParkEZ’ interconnects with different types of hardware and sensors and digitizes parking lots of any size. This enables users to find parking spaces across the city, lot owners to improve utilization, and city authorities to reduce congestion and pollution caused by vehicles searching for parking.