4 DEC 2017


As one of the pillars of economic development for any country, the transportation network is critical to the national infrastructure. With Indian transportation industry growing at a CAGR of 15 percent and a budget outlay of almost Rs. 4 trillion in the next fiscal in creating and upgrading transportation infrastructure, India’s transportation sector is undergoing a boom. However, it has frequently been a source of greenhouse gas emissions and a major cause of concern for the government as they are trying to reduce the carbon footprint to address environmental issues and decrease their dependence on oil as a source of fuel. India is still following BS IV as against EURO 6 implemented in European countries, which is equivalent to BS VI.

The Second Auto Fuel Vision and Policy 2025 notified by Government of India in May 2014 lays the map for fuel emission norms up to 2025. In order to adopt the latest emission standards, Government of India has decided to completely skip BS V norms and has announced to adopt and implement BS VI norms from April 2020.

Therefore, besides vehicular technologies and emission norms, other two important factors to be considered in India for reducing carbon emission are periodic inspection, maintenance of in-use vehicles and better road and traffic management.

All this can only be achieved by discussing the latest technologies, government policies, success stories and facing the current environmental situation with complete seriousness. The summit aims to lay down a blueprint for the future, driven by innovation and the vision to provide cleaner, safer and faster transportation infrastructure.

The summit is a movement to unite the visionaries who believe carbon emission has no place in the future and going ahead the key is to have smart road and traffic management systems. It is also a platform to showcase success stories from across the world that will inspire the key stakeholders to promote the cause and ensure that everything is being done to meet their respective national goals for smart and green transportation.

The Economic Times Smart Mobility Summit will focus on Hybrid vehicles, KERS systems, alternate fuels, smart parking, its (intelligent transportation system ), tolling, telematics, safety & security, mass transportation, road infrastructure & construction. The increasing demand for vehicles, coupled with citizens adopting a healthy lifestyle and growing environmental concerns will likely makes us adopt to this change for smart green mobility.

At the summit, you will hear about:

Smart Transportation

Transportation of the Future

Role of new age technologies such as IoT

Alternative Fuel Vehicles

Public Awareness about Green Transportation

Government Policies Redefining the Transportation Sector

Seamless Scalability Complimenting City Growth

Reducing Carbon Footprint with New Age Technologies

Realizing Lower Dependence on Oil, in Line with National Goals


The government of India has an ambitious aim of becoming 100 percent electric vehicle nation by 2030, and the FAME (Faster adoption and manufacturing of Hybrid and electric vehicles) program is a step towards achieving the goal.
Suzuki along with Toshiba and Denso announced an investment of Rs 1,151 crore in setting up a lithium ion battery plant in Gujarat
Mahindra and Ford Motor Company have joined hands for three years and have a strong focus towards developing electric cars for Indian market
"We think India is going to be a fantastic market for mobility services for a number of reasons. The first reason being that the government is initiating a number of programs to allow cities to experiment with new mobility options," Ford Smart Mobility (FSM) LLC CEO Rajendra Rao
The alternative fuel and hybrid vehicle market is expected reach US$ 614 billion by 2022


The Economic Times Smart Mobility Summit | 4th December 2017 | New Delhi

09:00 - 09:45
09.45 – 10.00
Keynote: The Future of Transportation in India | The Roadmap
Highlighting the efforts undertaken by the Government to take the transportation infrastructure in the country to the next level
10.00 – 10.40
Interactive Panel Discussion: The case for Smart transportation for Smart Cities
As per a World Bank study, by 2031, some 600 million people are expected to live in India's cities. However, only about 20 Indian cities with populations over 500,000 have any kind of organized public transport systems. This panel discussion will take stock of the planning and future of smart transportation in India, keeping in mind the Infrastructure requirements
  • Integrated transportation planning to avoid demand-supply gap and poor transportation network
  • Transforming Public Transportation leveraging Smart Technology Solutions
  • Balanced focus in extending transportation infrastructure and leveraging smart technology solutions
Moderator: Rachna Nath, Partner, KPMG
Sajeesh Kumar N., Director - Smart City Initiative, Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs
Elias George, IAS, MD and Additional Chief Secretary of Transport of Kochi Metro Rail
Saurabh Kumar, MD, ‎Energy Efficiency Services
KK Sharma, Chairman, EESL
Greg Moran, Co-Founder & CEO, Zoomcar
10:40 - 11:10
International Story: Transport in the Digital Age – Disruptive Trends for Smart Mobility
In the last few years, digital disruption has become more widespread and companies like Uber have grown to become multi-billion dollar global enterprises. This discussion will help examine the trends that we believe will be relevant to the future of metro, rail, road, air and automotive industries
  • Eliminating potential inefficiencies during planning, design and construction phase itself
  • Incorporating services and traffic related solutions keeping people at the center of these solutions
  • Including all the aspects of sustainability such as economic, environment and safety
Lon LaClaire, Director of Transportation, City of Vancouver, Canada
11:15 – 11.50
Interactive Panel Discussion: Multimodal Transportation | Integrated & Sustainable to meet the growing demand
  • Enabling user centered Smart Mobility
  • Automation and Safety – Addressing the elephant in the room
  • Are tickets already a thing of the past – Moving towards paperless transportation
S.N. Sharan, Project Director, Delhi State Industrial & Infrastructure Development Corporation
Rajesh Bysani, Chief Product Officer, Zoomcar
Dr Kamal Soi, Member at National Road Safety Council - Ministry of Road Transport & Highways
Utpal Deka, Smart Cities Mission National Team Leader - Capacity Building for Urban Development in India
11:50 - 12:20
Coffee & Networking Break
12:20 - 12:50
International Story: Waste to Bio-Fuels
  • Understanding the feedstock
  • Does your engin need retrofitting to suit the fuel
  • Challenges with methane slip and reduction of carbon footprit due to asociated gasses
  • How efficient are bio-diesel
Karl W. Feilder, CEO & Chairman, Neutral Fuels, The Neutral Group, UAE
12:50 - 13:30
Fire Side Chat: Between a Senior Indian Government Official and an International Urban Planner on Smart Physical Infrastructure
Smart infrastructure includes development of expressways, highways, waterways and improved and efficient sea and air ports. However, the emphasis will be on surface and water transportation as these two are more cost effective means. Heavy investment to the tune of around INR 1, 00,000 crore (US$ 15 bn) over the next five years in large scale infrastructure development for urban mobility is in the pipeline. This fire side conversation between the policy maker and an experienced urban planner will throw light on ways to ergonomically achieve the smart transportation vision's
  • High Speed Rail – The future of Green Railway programs
  • Waterways and Coastal Shipping – Taking stock of the current waterways projects and ways around pressing challenges
Sanjeev Kumar Lohia IRSE, Managing Director & Chief Executive Officer, Indian Railway Stations Development Corporation
13:30 - 14:30
Networking Lunch
14:30 - 15:10
International Story: Securing the future of mobility
  • The need for built-in security
  • Identifying the different ways the transportation system can be attacked
  • Secure platform for connected cars
Denis Legezo, Security researcher, Kaspersky Lab
15:10 – 15:40
Hybrid Vehicles: Fuel of the Future
  • Experiencing a higher fuel economy without compromising the power that conventional vehicles have to offer
  • Challenges with methane slip and reduction of carbon footprit due to asociated gasses
  • Choosing between mild hybrids and full hybrids and also taking a look at fuel efficient system design through parallel hybrids and series hybrids
  • The Long distance challenge - CNG to LNG
15:40 - 16:10
Coffee & Networking Break
16:10 - 16:45
UITP PANEL: ELIPTIC - Electrification of public transport
  • Safe integration of e-buses into existing electric public transport infrastructure through recharging them “en route” and upgrading trolleybus networks with battery buses or trolleyhybrids and automatic wiring/de-wiring technology
  • Smart energy management upgrade of electric public transport systems for rail
  • Multi-purpose use of electric public transport infrastructure, e.g. for safe recharging of non-public transport vehicles.
End of Day and Networking Coffee


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An inaugural panel of government authorities that will showcase their commitment to ensuring a sustainable transportation infrastructure

The largest showcase of international expertise, combined with regional vision and leadership, making it the most sought-after knowledge and networking platform on the topic in the region


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As India prepares for the future of transportation which is smart, secure and sustainable, the Intelligent Smart Mobility Awards will honor and recognize the visionaries and early movers who set the precedent and have laid the foundation for the same.

The awards will celebrate the successes and it will highlight the efforts of industry leaders from the government and the private sector from across the region as they help their respective governments and industries to align themselves to their future needs and goals led by innovation and technology.


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